Noel Gallagher Slams Robbie Williams

Noel Gallagher is acting even more outspoken than his brother in the latest issue of Now magazine – and Robbie Williams is his target. Noel blasts, “I think Robbie is a very, very, very, very, very misguided, easily led, stupid, foolish young individual who’d definitely benefit from a slapping.

“I’d probably kick him down the stairs a couple of times, not that I’m a violent person.”

Noel added, “I think he’d need to be held down by people in white coats and just slapped about the face for half an hour,” he rants in an interview with Now magazine, “Robbie’s the biggest fake ever – and yet he thinks he’s Elvis.

“Watching his film, Nobody Someday, I felt like vomiting after about five minutes. Apart from that, he’s a nice guy!”

He doesn’t stop with Robbie either, as he shares the anything-but-love about brother Liam’s ex-wife saying, “Liam’s better off without Patsy Kensit, she was a f***wit of the highest order.

“But I don’t like talking about my ex-wife because I’m more mature than that.”

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