Noel Gallagher Offers A Triple Shot Of Disses

guitarist/songwriter Noel Gallagher is again sounding off on other bands, this time his target is the Rolling Stones, System of a Down, and The Strokes. On the Stones, he tells Maxim, “The Rolling Stones made one good album, which was ‘Let It Bleed.’ But the rest of them, I just can’t sit through all that nonsense. They should just call it a day. I would like to say to them, ‘Have you got anything better to do?’ I mean, surely to God.” As for SOAD, “After I heard System of a Down, I thought, I’m actually alive to hear the sh**iest band ever. Of all the bands that have gone before and all the bands that’ll be in the future, I was around when the worst was around.” Finally, on The Stokes, “There’s no bleeping excuse for not having your shoes match your jacket. The Strokes would do well to take that advice because the studded wristbands have already started to creep in.”

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