Noel Gallagher Interviewed By ‘Scotland Today’

Noel Gallagher spoke to ‘Scotland Today’ correspondent Billy Sloan when played a sold-out show at Edinburgh’s Usher Hall the day before the release of their new single ‘Lyla’. Asked how pleased he was to the band’s new album ‘Don’t Believe the Truth’, Noel responded, “Yeah, I’m made up absolutely. I just think its, the people who have bought all our records, when they hear it, it has an undefinable quality, I think. Liam is writing more, I’m singing more, there’s sax, there’s a different feel on the drums, Gem and Andy are contributing more ideas to songs and more ideas to parts and everybody is kinda swapping instruments, there is lots of kinda little things that are going to make it more interesting.” has since removed the video.

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