Noel Gallagher Gets Back On His Soap Box

In an interview with Australia’s Beat magazine, star Noel Gallagher is again spouting off in a four letter tirade. On media publications, he fumed, “To be honest I’m sick of looking at it in the newsagents when I go and get my papers in the morning. It’s been on there for fu**ing seven months now, it’s getting on me nerves. Listen, they only do it because it’s good for business not because they like us. They fu**ing slated our album so fu** ’em.” He also got a knock in on Beatles legend Paul McCartney and the Rolling Stones again. “Nobody expects anything from Paul McCartney or The Stones any more do they? We saved the British music industry once,” he said. “Well we did! I get a bit annoyed that they keep expecting us to write Sgt Peppers every time we fu**ing put a record out. You can only write the songs you write do you know what I mean? We’re not a contrived group where we follow fashion and trends.” has since removed the article.

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