Noel Gallagher: England Is A F’ing Sh**hole

star Noel Gallagher sounded off on his native country and city he calls home in an interview for a Dutch and Belgian TV show this week. “On tour I miss my girlfriend and my little boy and my daughter, I miss watching the football, I miss getting a decent cup of tea. That’s about it, other then that I don’t miss anything,” reports Gallagher said when asked about missing England while promoting the band’s new album ‘Dig Out Your Soul’. “You know England is not that fu**ing great, as anybody’ll tell you. To live in England is a fu**ing sh**hole, to be honest. Well, look at it, fu**ing dump! People have this romantic image of England, you know. London is a fu**ing dump. It’s full of crime, it’s full of fu**ing tourists. It’s traffic, it’s pollution. I don’t even know why I live here to be honest. I live here because the music industry is here.” The full story at has since been removed.

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