Noel Gallagher Doesn’t Read Music Reviews

Noel Gallagher of is again taking shots at music reviewers. “I’ve never really understood rock journalism, Lester Bangs and Nick Kent, and all this fu**in’ carry-on,” said Gallagher. “What’s to say about music? I read some of the reviews of my records and I think, ‘that could be from ‘The Lord Of The Rings,’ what the fu** are they going on about’? Like ‘music slithering’ and stuff like that, and ‘cataclysmical causeways’. I reckon that the scripts from ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ is actually just a lot of fu**in’ reviews of albums put together, with a lot of blokes on horseback and dragons. I’ve never understood it and I never will understand it, I don’t even understand the music half the time, let alone what’s fu**in’ written about it.”

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