Noel Gallagher Discusses Album, Opinions, Cheese & Liam

Yahoo! Music spoke with Noel Gallagher of in an interview about the British band’s seventh album ‘Dig Out Your Soul’. Noel talked about how it’s weird that it’s still such a big deal when they put a record out, having “nifty one-liners” that tend to come out when one of their albums comes out, having a need to express his opinion – against cheese in this case, how it’s shocking for people to having opinions in the UK and America these days, and the difficult relationship he has with brother Liam. “I annoy Liam, and he annoys me,” Noel said. “We’ve been in this band together for 15 years, and we’ve kept it going and made it work, so you can’t ask for anymore than that.” The interview has since been removed.

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