No Worries For Navarro About Drugs Or Ticket Sales

Jane’s Addiction guitarist tells the Detroit News he hasn’t let the reports at many venues that Lollapalooza has been a less than stellar box-office performer bother him. “I’ve never been one for expectations of crowds and turnouts. I am more excited about the bands that we have,” Navarro insisted. “We did Indianapolis the other night (the first night of the tour), and in the middle of a blistering thunderstorm and torrential downpour, we had like 12,000 people there, and at 9 o’clock people were still buying tickets. That’s a pretty impressive turnout.” He and his bandmates also aren’t worried about drug abuse on the tour, unlike past experiences. “None of us shoot drugs anymore,” he said. “So that says quite a bit, and it makes things a lot better. We get along great as brothers, and it’s never been better between us.” has since removed the article.

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