No Fad Plans For White Light Motorcade

Though they hail from the New York music scene White Light Motorcade front man Harley Dinardo tells Nate Cavalieri of the Dallas Observer doesn’t have the same goals of pop success. “We know those other people in bands in New York, but it isn’t anything like that. We don’t think about that kind of success,” he said. “Those are bands that people fall in and out of love with very quickly. They are very for the moment. Even though they are good bands, it reminds me of the Romantics or bands like that, bands that are all about a fad. We’re not really like that. We’re fans of Bowie or the Beatles. We are like bands like Aerosmith and Zeppelin–bands that just tour. When things are tough I always go back to the Sex Pistols, who got stuff thrown at them in the Midwest. That’s us, man.”

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