No Downtime Communication For Slipknot Crew recently caught up with percussionist Chris Fehn for a Q&A and asked about the breakdown in communication between band members between albums. “We spent so much time together; I’ve been living with these guys on a 40-foot bus for 20 months now,” Fehn explained. “I get more time with them than I do with my family and everybody understands that. It’s not like you feel separated, I mean, we got so many people, wives and children that we need to spend time with. Obviously we’ll keep in touch once in a while. The Blackberries help, that invention brought us a little closer because instead of having this weird phone conversation, really quick you’re just like, ‘What’s up dude?!’ Sometimes we’ll see each other in clubs in Des Moines and there’s always Slipknot business going on whether we like it or not. But we pretty much do our own thing until we come back and everyone understands that. There’s nothing weird about it. It’s family time.”

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