No Doubt’s Musical Style Changes Like Picasso

Rob Harvilla of the Cleveland Scene spoke to guitarist Tom Dumont who compared the band’s diverse sound, that has some of the group’s ska fans lamenting on the internet, to Picasso’s radical changes of style.
“We’re not great artists, and we’re not a really important musical band anyway, but think about Picasso. If you know anything about his art, he completely flipped his style about four or five times,” he said. “His early work is, like, one thing, and then he’s got the weird sh** that he does. Throughout his life, he just kept doing completely different things, completely abandoning what he’d done in the past, and I think it felt really good to know somebody else did it. If we wanna come out and do show tunes on the next album, it’s cool, you know? It would certainly be really boring if we just did what the kids on the Internet told us.” has since removed the article.

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