No Doubt Visit TRL Wednesday

were on MTV’s Total Request Live to talk with host Carson Daily on Wednesday. Gwen spoke about her cold, the band’s current tour, the video for ‘Hella Good’, Adrian’s kid, and their TRL sponsored concert contest that they’ll announce winners for next Friday. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: TRL presents no doubt coming to a town near you, nice to have
them swing by as always here is though doubt


Carson: There they are, no doubt. What is happenin’? Always a pleasure
to see you guys. How is everybody feelin’?

No Doubt: Real good


Carson: They’ve got shows tonight in new york. They should be here a
couple days. You came to new york in time for this intense heatwave have
you been out.

Gwen: It is freezing in this room, however what’s going on.

Carson: A hundred degrees outside.

Gwen: Beautiful. It is always good to be in new york for us. We love
comin’ back here. I think we basically [cheering]  we wait the whole
tour to come play new york it seems like everything is building up to go
to new york to play, so ….

Carson: How is the tour going, the shows?

Gwen: Amazing. Really, really good. I actually got a bug. Someone got
some of their germs on me and i got sick, so …

[Crowd simultaneously] ohhh.

Carson: How are you feelin’.

Gwen: I feel reallyin’ sick but i’m fakin’ it really good, so ….

Carson: For you guys musically, the sounds on the record a lot of people
bring in the ’80s thing but even you adrian druming it doesn’t sound conventional
how much has changed for you musically there are times you don’t even play
guitar or tom playin’ a weird synth.

No Doubt: We both play keyboards on some songs and really aren’t players
just pressin’ buttons.

No Doubt: The whole tour makes it feel more fresh to play the new songs
and mix it altogether. We played songs from, like, i don’t know “total
hate” we played a couple nights one of the first songs we ever wrote to
like “hey baby”.

Carson: Roll down some of “hella good” why black & white, why that

Gwen: Something we’ve never done before, something totally different.
Were went with the video director, we always wanted to work with him and
it was his idea to work black & white based on this vogue fashion shoot
he had found like 6 years ago the jet-skis and all that.

Carson: I’ve seen all the “making the videos” this looks hellacious,

No Doubt: It was.

No Doubt: A bum-out.

No Doubt: The water was totally freezing.

Carson: Didn’t look like were you havin’ fun.

No Doubt: And gwen is being so good

[inaudible] meanwhile you were dying.

No Doubt: We both got ear infections. I am probably sick from that.

Carson: I know you have something to announce we’ll get to that in a
bit let’s watch brandy “full moon” at 3


Carson: [Inaudible] brandy “full moon” no doubt is here. “Rock steady”
is the record it is obviously out and adrian you want to introduce your
guest we’ve multiplied.

Adrian:  This is mason james young.

Carson: His son there.

Adrian:  Weeks old.

Carson: Crazy. You guys have been together and friends for so long.
A lot longer than people probably actually realize. What is it like for
you guys to see your bandmate here with a child?

No Doubt: It feels like you know, feels like we all had a baby you know
’cause the baby is out on tour with us, nina is out with us.

Carson: How is it.

No Doubt: He has an amazing wife who decided to get a bus and be on
tour with us t.Is workin’ out good so far.

Carson: How is for you, dad.

Adrian: Good. It is absolutely a good thing.

Carson: Right on. Congratulations again. April 26th next friday here
on trl four lucky fans have a chance to win smch pretty cool hook-up from
you guys. Do you want to explain what’s going on, friday april 26th?

No Doubt: I guess we are gonna be watchin’ trl then we’ll watch t.V.
And call in and then check it out and try to pick some winners to come
down see the show while we are in washington, s

Carson: So come to trl next week friday and you have a shot at being,
we’ll have a limo, you will ran do not mly fans from the show, awesome.

No Doubt: We r.They get tickets, get to go to the show.

No Doubt: Hang out with us, back stage


Carson: Luxury accommodations, we’ll put them up for the night that’s
nice of you.

No Doubt: That’s crazy.

Carson: And hang out with the band. No sleep no doubt sweepstakes go
to mtv.Com. Very cool.


[applause] cheers.

Carson: Thank you for stoppin’ by as always a pleasure. Continued success
with the to.. No doubt, everybody. Comin’ to a town near you go to mtv.Com
for their tour dates.

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