No Central Theme On Deftones’ Latest

Unlike previous discs, drummer Abe Cunningham tells Jeff Inman of Las Vegas CityLife that their current self-titled effort doesn’t necessarily revolve around a central theme. Instead, the idea behind the disc was simply to capture a hunk of time. “People always say how they’ve written like 50 songs for an album and narrowed them down to the 12 best for you, but we don’t really work that way,” Cunningham explained. “We barely write enough to squeak out an album and try to write a cohesive piece when we put it all together. But this album isn’t exactly like that. We worked on this so long that really this is just a snippet of that time and everything that was going on. It might not have all been great when it was happening, but it’s all in there, and it makes the record all that much better.” The full story at has since been removed.

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