NIN’s Reznor Says He Has To Do Music For Himself

Greg Kot of the Orlando Sentinel spoke with Trent Reznor about problems he’s had dealing with record companies and the drop in success he’s since with his recent albums than in the mid 90’s. Trent said, “The last album doing not as well has given me the courage and humbleness to make better music in the future, to put less attention on catering to an audience that is preventing me from making the truest art I can. You have to do it for yourself, yourself only. I have to keep that in mind. I am keeping that in mind.” Kot also spoke with ex-Smashing Pumpkins singer now with Zwan Billy Corgan who expressed similar sentiments. Corgan said, “The down-key approach to art and music doesn’t work anymore.” has since removed the article.

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