Nikki Sixx Visits Bon Scott’s Grave

bassist Nikki Sixx has posted the following message in his online diary: “I’m sitting here in Perth, Australia having just returned from Bon Scott’s grave. I went with Paul Miles, Jozie and Kimo. We all flew in from Adelaide (Motorhead too) and went straight from the airport to the graveyard. Bon really was an original. Rest in peace.

“I’m really excited about going home. In fact, it’s all I can think about. Unfortunately, Donna [wife] leaves tomorrow for London to start a movie, so I’ll arrive home as she will have already left. She comes home on the 20th and leaves with Ryan for Cambodia again on X-mas eve. She will be there for X-mas. Then when she returns, I leave for Detroit for our New Year’s Evil show.

“This has been an amazing year, I’ve seen so much, received so much and been able to do what I love and see smiling faces and fists in the air every night, so I don’t dare complain.

“Thank you all for the birthday wishes. I can’t believe I’m 25.”

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