Nikki Sixx & Tommy Lee Visit ‘TV Total’

bassist Nikki Sixx and drummer were on ‘TV Total’ in Germany, where the crowd gave them a standing ovation. They appeared right after the Backstreet Boys, and Tommy said he was a fan of the boyband. Lee also brought the host out a glass of wine. Lee had “fich dich” written on his hand, which means “fu** you”, but the host joked that it meant “hello, how are you.” Tommy then dropped his pants and showed off his Balls Deep underwear, with a built-in condom pocket that he pulled out to put on top of the show’s antenna. After the stunt, Lee said if they did it in America, they’d be banned as they have been with NBC/GE, prompting Lee to say that’s the best part about Europe – anything goes. Sixx then discussed their decision to reform, their new album, their tour plans, Lee being in jail, and more. Watch the interview at YouTube.

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