Nikki Sixx Thanks Fans For Great Year

bassist Nikki Sixx has posted the following message in his online diary: “Well, the second leg of the us tour is finally done. We’re home for a short break and then we do two shows with the Stones. Then we’ll have a few more weeks off until we leave for shows in Japan, Australia and Hawaii. After that we will break until February when we return to do *C* markets in the us and maybe a few European dates before making a record.”

“I’ll be going to Thailand and Cambodia on a photographic journey between Japan and Australia with Paul Brown. I’m very excited about this and may be joined by Ross Halfin, who has been to both many times and knows the ends [sic] and outs of both countries. I was hoping this adventure would be me and [wife] Donna, but she will be shooting a movie and can’t come. We’re gonna make it up and do another soon.

“I’ve gone through both my closet and wardrobe cases and have sent stage clothes to Shaun [webmaster] to be auctioned off for ‘Running Wild in the Night’. We’re hoping to get some good money to the kids by the holidays. Please help.

“For now, I’m home with Donna and the kids and unwinding from the tour. I’ll keep you guys posted on any updates.

“From myself and the band… Thank you very much for such a great year… Who would’ve thought?! Again, thank you.”

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