Nikki Sixx Takes Aim At Alt Rock And Rap

Brides of Destruction and bassist Nikki Sixx has posted the following message to the “Diary” section of Crue’s official web site: “Well, tonight is the last night of the Austrailan [Brides] shows. All sold out and all amazing. The Aussies treated us like gold and I hope they feel the same. The lessons I learned (more confirmed what I already knew and always believed) from touring the world with the Brides is rock ‘n’ roll is alive and real music matters. The core is about to sore. Admittedly style is cool, musically and visually. Yes, we walk the rock. And I’m proud to list bands that not only have musical but visual integraty dripping off their very being.”

“Funny how time clears away the past so we can clearly see. Isn’t it so obvious now that alternative was so much about fashion? (When all they said was were rebeling againt bands that worry about image). I mean, I never seen so many bands with all the same clothes and haircuts in my life. I wonder now if the wardrobe designers weren’t in on helping to tear down what rock ‘n’ roll has always been about. (rebelling). What was so different about alternative to the contrieved pop sh** of today?

“Excuse me for rambling, Red Bull and lack of sex does that to a man. I guess I’ve always worn my opinions on my sleeve. Makes for an easy target. Of course opinions are like assholes, everbody has one. But I always say, ‘You’d be a real asshole to not have an opinion.’ Makes for a nice catch 22, doesn’t it?! Also, opinions can change, which makes for nice a contradiction (ah, yes, with that I firmly place another target upon my back).

“Let me take this moment to say I’ve been led down the road a few times only to back out scratching my head, wondering… ‘Sixx, what the fu** were you thinking?’ There was a time when I thought some of the music out there wasn’t half bad (Now I wonder if it was even half good). Now I think I must’ve been on drugs (oh ya, I was). I mean… What the fu** is up with rap? What once was a music breed out of a real lifestyle has become a corporate onslaught of rubbush. Oh god, and DJs… (If I hear, scratchity scratch in one more song, I’ll puke). Enough already. I mean, Guitar Center was at one point selling more turntables than guiters… Fu**ing hell… They should’ve changed the name to Turntable Center already.

“Well, I leave you with enough ammunition to load up your sharp shooters and take aim. Beware the bullsh**… Rock ‘n’ roll is alive and breathing in my heart. Off to the gig, next stop home sweet home.”

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