Nikki Sixx Ships New Clothing Line This Week

bassist Nikki Sixx has posted the following message in his online diary:

“The other night my friend John Rich from Big & Rich came onstage an played ‘Don’t Go Away Mad’ with us in Nashville. Fun times. We met a few years ago while writing music together and have been fast friends ever since.”

“Royal Underground [Nikki’s new clothing line] is shipping this week and all the clothes have arrived in L.A. and we’re packing them up for the stores. Tommy [Lee] stole one of our shirts right off my back the other day and Steven Tyler [Aerosmith] won’t take off the cashmere hoodies… I’d say that’s a good sign… Hahhahaha…

“Last show tonight and we go home for a ten-day break… Hell yeah… Can’t wait to lay my head on my own pillow and to wrap my arms around my kids.

“Hell yeah, life is good…

“Thank you for everything…

“This has been a hell of a year… good and bad… but we survive…”

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