Nikki Sixx Provides, Good, Bad And Ugly News

Brides of Destruction and bassist Nikki Sixx has posted the following message to the “Diary” section of Crue’s official web site: “The good, the bad and the ugly. The good: Finally [wife] Donna and I are taking the kids on a vacation. 10 days of nothing but sun, sun and more sun. A well-deserved break for all. The bad: The Brides have passed on anymore American touring this year. We are in talks to go back to Europe as a headliner in 2500 seaters in October or November. Europe reacts so good to live bands, America reacts to better to radio. We’ve yet to crack radio in America. Playing all those festivals in Europe really exposed us to a lot of new fans… we will do America and Canada on the next album. Sorry guys. The ugly: I’m afraid the ugly is I will be suing Dragonfly Clothing. They have never accounted to me (no matter how many times I’ve asked) or paid me what they owe me. We grossed millions of dollars in sales and I’ve yet to see hardly a dime. Now that it’s all said and done I’m being told this isn’t uncommon for this company. The sad part is brothers run the company and the father oversees the company. The father begged me to help his sons get off drugs and straighten up. At that point I was in too deep and decided to give it my all, only to get fu**ed over. Half the company has quit and the other half are planning on leaving as we speak. All I can say is, remember Elektra Records? How about Vans? You’re next. See you in court.”

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