Nikki Sixx: I Feel Very Blessed

Nikki Sixx spoke with Australia’s Time Off magazine about overcoming the bad blood between singer Vince Neil and drummer Tommy Lee, and guitarist Mick Mars battling for his life after a chronic, degenerative illness and recovery from hip replacement surgery. “It was as bad as it was going to get when [Mick] was in the hospital and he was inches from death,” the bassist said. “He pulled himself together and pulled himself through it and he’s onstage shredding every night and starting to put on weight. He’s always in a great mood. We’re all so happy. I feel very blessed. All the shows are selling out. We were onstage and I looked out and there were 15,000 people and they all had their hands in the air. I looked at Mick and I looked at Tommy and I looked at Vince and I just started smiling. I was like, ‘Fu**! I can’t believe it! We’re still here’!”

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