Nikki Sixx Hypes Motley Crue’s Return To Touring

bassist Nikki Sixx posted the following message in the “Diary” section of band’s official web site: “The rock ‘n’ roll circus is about to hit the road and rehearsals are sounding and looking really good. The lights are being programmed. The drum solo is being built. The freaks are hired and are working on their stunts. The special pyro effects are being practiced… What can I say?! Time to bring the freakshow back to rock ‘n’ roll. This show is bigger than ‘Dr. Feelgood’ at this point… and we can’t wait to bring it to your town. P.S. It’s so cool to be playing songs we haven’t played (or ever played) in years…. The countdown has begun… Nikki, Vince, Tommy and Mick.”

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