Nikki Sixx Discusses Motley Crue & Sixx Sense

Nikki Sixx of spoke with FM at The Viper Room during the Sunset Strip Music Festival. Sixx talked about the band’s tour schedule, plans for something special in December that they’ve yet to announce, having a part time job as a DJ, how he’s evolved from hating Twitter to now loving it, and he did a bunch of rapid fire questions.

“It’s therapeutic and it’s very much like doing interviews,” he said about his Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx syndicated radio show on Premiere Radio Networks. “You can say whatever you want to say. You’re entitled to your opinion, and you can give it and people can respond to it and they can either like you or not like you, and I do get hate mail, and I think that’s kind of good. That’s just because you have an opinion, and being able to play music that you love, and talk about why music is in a slump right now and have the ability to hopefully play something that makes people feel the way you felt when you were 17, it’s like the greatest gift ever.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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