Nikki Sixx Defends Post ‘Shout’ Glam

Jason Ferguson of Orlando Weekly recently spoke with guitarist Nikki Sixx about the band’s first of three four-CD box sets, ‘Music to Crash Your Car To, Volume 1’. Ferguson told Sixx that his “14-year-old self” crossed the band off his cool list in 1985, having determined they had turned into complete sellout pussies. “What do you do after ‘Shout at the Devil?'” Sixx laughed. “Are you gonna start chopping up people on stage? We were like, ‘Predictable.’ So we go in the opposite direction with the lipstick and freak people out. The idea was to shake it up. We never wanted to be one of those bands where the first album looked, sounded and smelled like the fourth album. It was very important to embrace something, envelop it and then abandon it. Our interpretation of art was that we don’t want you to know what you’re gonna get every time. Although everyone would complain about us changing, soon after we did something, every other band was changing too. And the people that were following didn’t have a clue as to what we were representing.”

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