Nickelback: No Permanent Vacation Pending caught up with ’s guitarist/vocalist Chad Kroeger and guitarist Ryan Peake and asked if they were afraid of burning out after going to the studio to record immediately after touring in support of ‘Silver Side Up’. Kroeger said, “After this touring cycle I’m going to take an extended, extended, extended, extended vacation — you can put down all those ‘extendeds’. I just want to lay on a beach somewhere and do nothing, or stay home and do nothing. Or do just exactly what I want to each day.” Peake added, “This is fun and everything for us, but sometimes we put up quotas for what we need to meet, or we have time restraints for when we can do things and we have to meet these schedules. We know it’s part of the gig, but it’s work. I don’t know, maybe we feel like we’ve earned it [a vacation] after awhile. But we’ll see how this album goes and see how much vacation time we need.”

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