Nick Carter Wows Metal Heads At Sarasota Party

FrickforBrian from attended the Sarasota boat races this past weekend where Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter’s team took first place. She says, “The party Nick performed at was insane! It was like the ‘Steel Dragon Tribute’ concert from the movie ‘Rockstar’. You had to go down this LONG…DARK road – where for blocks and blocks – you’d see nothing but cars parked on the side of the road. You’d think the entire city of Sarasota was there. The band was playing was an 80’s rock ‘hair band’ cover band. Nick performed an Alice In Chains song and a Journey song (fast). HE ROCKED OUT! The crowd was all metal heads and we didn’t think they would welcome him. I wouldn’t say they were thrilled at first… but after 30 seconds into the first song I had guys around me yelling ‘He fu**in’ rocks!’ The crowd was loving it! He flashed the crowd his nipples. (I ask you again – what has happened to MY modest boy?!?). He played drums on a song and when he said good-bye the crowd was going insane. They loved him. There were barely any fans there – all metal heads.” Carter has been working with former Tommy Lee on his sophomore solo album, causing the former drummer to take a lot of heat for working with the boy band star.

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