Nick Carter Gets Props From Sev

Rap-rock group Sev, who blew up after the release of their hit ‘Same Old Song,’ is currently on tour with Nick Carter. The members of Sev were quick to tell some of their fans where they could go if they had a problem with the group opening for the Backstreet Boys singer. This message is posted on Sev’s website, “For those of you who have a problem with us touring with Nick Carter… GET OVER IT! Nick Carter has been awesome to us over these past 2 shows. The tour started off with a bang in Toronto and continued tonight in Detroit! Our expectations of fans and crew and even Nick Carter himself has blow our minds at how at much fun and good people they all have been to SEV. Much love and thanks to everyone for making us feel welcome.” When Nick’s tour ends later this month, Sev will join the Summer Sanitarium tour, opening for Limp Bizkit, , and Linkin Park.

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