Newsted Says ‘St. Anger’ Not Very Pleasing To The Ears

Former bassist called into The Blitz 99.7 FM in Columbus, Ohio Thursday afternoon (July 31) to talk about touring with Voivod and Ozzy Osbourne on this year’s Ozzfest and to answer a few Metallica related questions. When asked for his opinion of the new Metallica album, ‘St. Anger’, Newsted said, “As a fan, it’s pretty hard to listen to, tonality-wise. I think it’s not very pleasing to the human ear. There’s other albums that sound better, production-wise. Songwriting-wise, it’s not bad. But I think that it could have been a lot more pleasant to listen to. If the [bonus] DVD would not have been [included] in the album, they would have been screwed. They redeemed themselves by putting in that DVD and showing that Lars [Ulrich] can actually play double-bass drums and stuff like that. Because I know, myself, as a fan, and a lot of other fans have questioned that for awhile — the actual abilities of the band anymore. So I’m really glad, as fan, that they put that DVD in.” Audio at has since been removed.

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