Newspaper Interview Does In Phil Ritchie

Why did Phil Ritchie get the axe from ‘Rock Star: Supernova’? The root of the issue seems to be his interview with Alex Muller of The Daily Times on July 14th. “I mean, really I just hope to gain exposure. I love my band and I love the music,” Ritchie said. “I’m not stoked about the music Supernova’s popping out.” Show co-host and producer Dave Navarro commented on the article at his blog at on Thursday (July 27). “Obviously, I should know, of all people, that what you read in the press isn’t always accurate, but these are Phil’s words in quotes and he has confirmed saying it,” Navarro writes. “If Supernova is looking for someone to represent them and be committed, why would they choose a guy who doesn’t take direction in an audition setting and slags them off in the press?” The Panic Channel guitarist added, “People may be promoting other things, but they aren’t talking sh** about the band they are in or auditioning for. That sh** is unacceptable.” The full post at has since been removed.

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