New Year’s Resolutions From Juliette Lewis

of Juliette and The Licks checked in on the band’s MySpace blog on Monday (December 31) with the following New Year’s Resolution message:

Wipe the slate clean if that’s what you feel you need to do. Quit drugs. Finish the argument. Be fearless. Be patient. Eat more avocados or cherry tomatoes. Love the land you live near. Go hiking. Play with babies. Kiss your mom. Hug your dad. Call people far away. Appreciate your neighbor. Visit another country. Play more music. Learn a new instrument. Start sentences with “ya know what I love?” instead of “ya know what I hate?”.

Do things passionately but with compassion for others. Be decisive in action. End old habits that keep you up at night. Look at what you have instead of what you want. Life is in you to be lived, given to others and nurtured. Ride a skateboard. Quit being so precious with time. Throw away old things you’ve kept for too long. Talk to the living. Commune with nature. Seek connection. Communicate.

As always be loud and be proud!

Oh…. And make sure you see the Licks LIVE or buy the DVD now ;) – Join the adventure of “the best little Rock’n Roll band that could.” X0


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