New Kurt Cobain Documentary Narrated By Cobain

The Daily World is reports that a crew of documentary filmmakers from Los Angeles has been in Aberdeen, Washington this week, shooting a documentary on the life of the late Kurt Cobain — one that will be narrated by the singer himself. “I have a nephew and a cousin who have become big Nirvana fans,” said director AJ Schnack. “To them, Kurt has become this huge, larger-than-life figure. You’re completely unable to relate to him because he is such an icon. That’s not how I felt about him when he was alive, and I feel like that’s been lost. Especially because of the circumstances of his later life, and his death, I think now it’s not really about the music or the fact that he really was just a human being. And so I really wanted to deconstruct that a little bit, and what better way than to just let him talk?”

The full story at has since been archived.

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