New Found Glory Perform On TRL Monday

stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday to talk with Quddus and perform ‘My Friends Over You’ off ‘Sticks and Stones’. The guys talked about touring for six years before hitting the big time and joked about how they don’t get the girls like other rock bands do while out on the Warped Tour, instead playing video games. Read on for a transcript.

Quddus: All right let’s bring out my next guests today. You guys
like punk rock or what?


Quddus: For the very first time on trl hide the junk food this here
is new found glory!


Quddus: Hello, fellas come on up. Good to see you guys.

NFG: Yeah, yeah.

Quddus: Welcome to trl, fellas. Are you guys feelin’ all right?

NFG: Yeah.

Quddus: I know you are doin’ a world tour keepin’ you real busy.

NFG: Yeah.

Quddus: Your album “sticks and stones” debuted at no. 4 on billboard

NFG: It is weird for us.

NFG: It is all because of these people right here east coast

Quddus: Ha-ha that must be like a specialty — especially after you
paid your dues, man you did your thing for a while.

NFG: We’ve been a band if like about 6 years now. There’s bands out
there even longer touring non-stop but we just been on the road, we all
left college, high school and did it. All our fans have been supporting
us for 6 years now


[Inaudible] And built and built and built and kept on building and we
stayed on the road and now we are here.

Quddus: On trl.

Quddus: Your video is doin’ pretty well on the count down on and off
“my friends over you” what were you tryin’ to prove with this video.

NFG: We wanted to be ourselves. This is our third time you learn from
not only mistakes but old videos. We had our own —

NFG: All inside jokes, all things we didn’t think was funny but we thought
it was funny.

NFG: As far as our fans we don’t have anything to prove just ourselves
all the time. We want to come across as normal kids not a big image or
big thing goin’ on just show keep it real


Quddus: This is obviously about gettin’ over somebody. How hard is it
for you guys to meet ladies on the road.

NFG: It is tough ’cause you don’t have a fun. We do but we are never
there. Every day it changes. You see different people —

NFG: We are only the band on tour you didn’t see hangin’ out with girls
you see them but we are on the bus playin’ video games and playing music.
Everybody else drinkin’ chasin’ girls.

NFG: You see T.V. And this stuff about bands and back stage parties
and stuff girls that get back stage or people so new found glory wha’ssup
just playin’ grand theft auto what are you doin’. They are like


NFG: They are wanting to hang out with us and then are like where is

[Inaudible] Bus.

NFG: Nahh.

NFG: They are awesome.


Quddus: No doubt. We will get you guys performin’ in a minute.

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