Neurosonic’s Darr: I Was Joking About Pete Wentz Cease & Desist Claim

In response to singer Jason Darr claiming during a recent concert that a cease and desist order came from Fall Out Boy bassist due to the band’s song ‘So Many People’, critical of Wentz’s girlfriend Ashlee Simpson, Darr has released the following statement:

Anyone silly enough to believe I was serious about the comment I made at my [Neurosonic] NYC Knitting Factory performance has no sense of humor. Before we played our song, ‘So Many People’ I joked that Pete Wentz had taken out a cease and desist for the song because my lyrics are all about Ashlee Simpson’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ debacle as well as celebrity culture. The song is not new… I wrote it 3 years ago… I wrote the music and had the initial lyrics right after the ‘Saturday Night Live’ debacle in October 2004, and completed the song right after Ashlee was given the Billboard award [December 2004]. ‘So Many People’ is on our album ‘Drama Queen’, which was released by our label Bodog Music in January 2007.

The song is tongue-in-cheek and it was mostly meant to blow off steam about a subject that is laughable at best… It is not meant to be malicious. I do mean every word of the song though, so you can take it or leave it. It’s only rock ‘n roll.

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