Neil Primrose Describes His Near-Death Experience

The Sun spoke with Travis drummer Neil Primrose about his near-death experience when he broke his neck diving into a swimming pool. “I attempted to move but my whole body felt floppy and paralyzed. The seconds ticked and I started to see a tunnel of yellow light appear in front of me,” Primrose said. “Then, I saw a kind of slide show and there were hundreds of faces flashing past me of people I knew at school who I hadn’t thought about for years. I saw images of family and friends and I realized I was coming face-to-face with my death. The faces were going click, click, click in front of me really fast. It seemed like everyone I’d ever met was there. I wouldn’t say I was scared but from that moment I started to accept that I was drowning and this was death — and that my life was flashing before me. It sounds clichéd but it was a near-death experience — and I was prepared to die. But I thought, ‘what a pathetic way to go’. Yet there was nothing I could do because I was paralyzed.”

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