Navarro Sheds Light On The Panic Channel’s Bassist Situation

answered eight questions from fans on his blog at on Tuesday (May 22), including one asking whether Siggy Sjursen be a permanent replacement in for bassist Chris Chaney. “Well, you can never replace Chaney… He is the man,” Navarro responded. “Siggy is also the man but his time for touring is a little more flexible. Chris is a family man with two kids and we totally respect that. When he declined to do our last tour, it was completely understood and there were no hard feelings at all. In fact, Perk, Chaney and I played together just the other night and had a killer time. I always jump at the chance to play with him. Plus, I luck out because Chris is a core member of Camp Freddy and I get to rock with him all the time. So Siggy is no replacement, but we will be moving forward with him as TPC, if that makes any sense.” The full post at has since been removed.

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