Navarro: Entertainment No Longer Filtered

checked in with fans on his blog at on Friday (September 15), remarking on how he and comedian Tom Green have been broadcasting content on the internet. “As I have said many times before, it feels that the more options we have in terms of outlets (satellite, magazines, radio, television), the less information and entertainment choices are made available,” he said. “For instance, more people have seen the Lindsay Lohan vagina picture than know about what’s going on with the War On Terror. HAHAHAHA… Yeah, that’s a bold statement and it may not even be accurate, but in today’s climate, it sure appears that way. More people have sent me that picture than have sent me the link to watch the ‘Loose Change’ video. (The information in that film is up for debate, but I am just citing it as an example.) I know, Lindsay is just random entertainment news and you know I am certainly not hyper-political. The point is, that we now have the ability to control our own avenues of entertainment and information without a corporate slant or filter.” The full post at has since been removed.

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