Nardwuar Vs. Slipknot

Nardwuar has added the interview he did with the percussionists from on January 16th to his official website. Shawn Crahan, aka Number 6 Clown, was asked about the Vanilla Ice connection, pleasuring groupies with Lobsters, and Chris Fehn, aka Number 3 finally spoke but tired of the interview and walked off. Watch the 4-minute interview here.

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One thought on “Nardwuar Vs. Slipknot

  1. nick cook says:

    All the pussies that said “they are maggots”, shouldn’t say that Slipknot sucks, or they “sold-out”. They think its so funny to CLOWN on Slipknot. This is bull-sh**!
    All “hard-asses” that think that they are so bad, come up to the plate and tell ME something. I will proudly answer you. And this bull-sh** about Stone Sour and Slipknot shouldn’t be compared because Slipknot IS NOT STONE SOUR!!!!!! So don’t get them mixed up!

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