My Chemical Romance Q&A

spoke with prior to their ‘Live@Much’ appearance, asking the group about getting bottled at Reading over the summer and what they thought about cracking the British music market. “I think what happened there was an isolated incident with some people who were trying to ruin a good time,” lead guitarist Ray Toro said. “We actually almost broke in the UK before the US! When that happened we just let it fuel us and tried not to let it bring us down.” Rhythm guitarist Frank Iero added, “We had just come off recording and we were in this recording mindset, not touring yet. And we had to do this huge show – and our minds weren’t all there because we had just gone through so much and were exhausted and had just spent every ounce of our creative being and put it onto tape. We played Leeds first; it wasn’t anything special or a huge occurrence. It wasn’t anything incredible. Reading shot fuel through each member – and every show since that show has been insane. If it had gone down any other way I think it would have been detrimental to the band. It wasn’t the UK whatsoever. It was a small concentration of fans who don’t agree with our type of music and they stuck around just to do that. I mean, you can’t please everybody. But when we’re against something we perform even better. If there’s a mountain to climb we rise to the challenge!”

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