My Chemical Romance Go Big With New Album

Beat magazine spoke with drummer Bob Bryar about the band’s latest effort, ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’, the group’s first “event record”. “It was something that everyone in this band had always dreamed of doing but never had the opportunity to do before,” Bryar explained. “It was made very clear with this record that we were going to take our time and we were going to try new things that we’d never had the opportunity to do before, and if we feel that this part needs an orchestra, we’re gonna bring in an orchestra, and if we need a marching band, we’re gonna bring in a marching band. We wanted the record to be a full package and a complete story, not just a bunch of songs, you know one for a single, one that’s ok that we can throw on the end. We wanted every single song to be great and we weren’t going to put it out until it was… or until we felt that it was. The end result is something we’re very proud of.”

The full interview at has since been removed.

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