Mustaine Says Ellefson’s Never Been A Best Friend

In a recent interview with Greece’s webzine, mainman Dave Mustaine spoke about longtime bassist David Ellefson’s absence from the group’s current lineup. “Everyone thinks that [Ellefson] was my best friend,” he said. “He’s not my best friend, he’s never been my best friend. We were close because of business. Dave lied [about] me in the press, he said that my arm injury was fake, went around town and slandered me. We made him a really good offer and he said no. I mean, if I give you an offer and you don’t take it, it means no, right? So he said he never said no and I’m thinking, ‘Fu**ing idiot.’ So… I don’t wanna talk bad about him. He helped me a lot over the years by being a solid member and it was his choice, it’s his loss.”

The full story at has since been removed.

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