Music Changes For The Worse, But Supergrass Stays The Same

keyboardist Robert Coombes spoke with Australia’s Beat magazine about the band’s ten year existence, and how much music has changed during that decade. “Music changed a huge amount really,” he said. “I think the one thing that has changed, that’s not so good, is such massive emphasis on manufactured music. Especially in England, and now it’s gone worldwide. I think that’s the one thing that’s changed a huge amount over the last ten years. Previously, these kinds of people would be appearing on shows where people dress up as celebrities; nowadays, they are the celebrities.” As for how much Supergrass have changed, he said, “Well, surprisingly little really; I mean in Supergrass we have this sort of common grain, where we just want to play our music, no matter what. We do try to change with the times, but we always sound like Supergrass.”

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