Murderdolls Singer Cleans Out His Closet

frontman Wednesday 13 has issued a statement explaining his recent decision to place a few of his personal items up for auction via eBay. Says Wednesday: “There’s been a lot of questions about my items that are on eBay and why I am selling them. No I’m not changing my dress code and getting rid of my clothes in order to buy a suit and tie and become normal. The fact is, I have collected so much sh** over the years, everything from t-shirts, videos, books, toys, etc. I have run out of room and I need to get rid of some things. Mrs. Thirteen and I are moving in the next few weeks and I have been packing up things and making piles of things that I am getting rid of. For the next few weeks while I am packing up for the move I will be putting items on eBay. I would have a garage sale here at my home, but I don’t think anyone from my little red neck town would be interested in buying the things I am getting rid of. Besides, if I could have had the chance to buy actual personal items from Alice Cooper, Twisted Sister, or back in the day, that would have been too fu**ing cool. There is no telling what will go up on eBay in the next few weeks so check there often to see what has been added. I just wanted to give all of you cool ghouls a chance to get some of these things, hope you have fun. Till then… stay ghoul.”

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