Mullet-Wearing Czechs Love Cheesy Ozzy One-Liners

Teri vanHorn of MTV News was on hand at the OzzFest stop in Prague, Czech Republic on Thursday where Ozzy, Tool, and Slayer rocked a crowd of around 100,000. VanHorn writes, “He repeatedly showed his appreciation for the warm reception by shouting out such terms of endearment as ‘You are number one!’ and ‘I love you!’ — often at the cheesiest possible moments, such as during the theatrical opening of ‘Road to Nowhere.’ But Ozzy is a man of excess. ‘Louder,’ he commanded. ‘I … can’t … f—ing hear you!’ At several points he coached concertgoers on how they should clap their hands, appearing so mechanical in his movements that he looked like a kindergarten teacher demonstrating ‘Pat-a-cake.'” Read more.

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