Mudvayne Dismiss Slipknot Comparisons

MTV News has a feature on . Unlike Slipknot or Buckethead, who hide behind their bizarre masks both onstage and off — at least when they’re out mingling with the public — Mudvayne have no worries about being seen out of costume. “They’re a great band and good friends,” Chüd sighed speaking about Slipknot and the comparisons that follow. “But anybody who has really listened to the two bands without paying any attention to the looks, knows we’re very, very different.” Spüg added, We’re both definitely anomalies. But I have my own personal vision about what art is, and how to go about expressing that and incorporating it into my day-to-day life. And I would ask, ‘Why aren’t more artists and bands focused on personal expression instead of worrying about sales, making money or addressing some sort of market expectations?’ This image is part of something we love, and we haven’t profited from it at all. In fact, it has cost us.” The full story at has since been removed.

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