MuchMusic VJ’s Best Moment Of ’04: Meeting Dimebag

MuchMusic asked their VJ’s what their best moments were in 2004, and Matt Wells talked about hanging out with former Pantera / Damageplan guitarist Darrell, who was murdered on stage in Columbus, Ohio last month. “Before December 8th my favorite moment of my 10 years in the music industry was by far meeting, interviewing and playing a gig with Slayer and Damageplan in St. John, NB,” Wells said. “This is still the highlight of my music-related life, but it has a whole new meaning for me now in the wake of Dimebag’s tragic death. He was one of the nicest dudes I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, a legend in music who was just a regular guy and seemed to have the same passion for people as he did for music. Dimebag invited us into their dressing room, quenched us with shooters, told us cool stories as we all listened to Zakk Wylde’s . As a music fan it was the thrill of a lifetime that I will never forget. Wherever you are Dimebag – thanks and I’m drinking one for you.”

The story at has since been removed.

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