Mr. Lordi Previews Band’s New Album

mainman Mr. Lordi recently caught up with, where the Finnish rocker was asked how ready the concept of the band’s next album music-wise and visually is. “Well, like I said, the music is not gonna change,” he responded. “The songs are gonna be the same as on the earlier three albums for sure. But I think we’re not gonna go towards [2004’s] ‘The Monsterican Dream’s more darker and tentative way. But like I’ve said so many times before, it’s the sound in the mixing, the edit and the production that’s gonna define the album’s appearance. So the producer has a quite a big part in this. The visual side is still a hell of a chaos of millions of different ideas in my head. From there it’s gonna get more clearer (or is it…). But visually the theme is gonna get more heavier and brutal, that I can say for sure.” Read more.

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