Motor Ace: Back On The Road Again

Two years after vocalist and guitarist Patrick Robertson quit , the four-piece are attempting to heal their wounds and embark on an Australian tour supporting new single ‘Tomorrow’s Gone’. “It really has been a journey. Things were fairly tumultuous at the end of the last album, as a group of people,” bassist Matt Balfe tells Time Off magazine. “We got together and Pat told us he needed to take a break and he really did. We’re not very good at saying things, so that letter was the best way to do it. The letter was basically about him – it wasn’t about the band. I was pretty shocked because we’d kind of hit our straps at that stage. For a couple of months we were all floating around thinking ‘What the fu** are we going to do with ourselves?’. I didn’t speak to Pat for about a year and then he came to my birthday party. Before you know it, we were a band again.” has since removed the article.

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