Motor Ace And Oasis Get Along Well In Sydney

wrote in their official site’s diary: “As you might already know there are some fanatical fans in the Motor Ace camp. This having been said, it was a pretty excited Ace that rocked up to watch Oasis soundcheck at the Enmore theatre in Newtown Sydney. During the hour long soundcheck, it was easy to see that the band were back in form. We were graced with an acoustic performance of ‘Wonderwall’ and ‘Slide Away’ during the check.”

“Contrary to popular belief, Oasis are really down to earth and mellow people. Both Liam and Noel seated themselves in the otherwise empty theatre and watched our entire soundcheck. Felt like one of those childhood dreams were you find yourself at school without any clothes on. The Lads were kind enough to give us an encouraging round of applause after ‘Carry On’ which lessened the tension a little.”

“We played really well and the Sydney crowd were really responsive to the show. Liam and Noel watched our whole set from side of stage which really spurred the band on.”

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