Motley Crue Reunion Unlikely Says Sixx

Nikki Sixx tells fans that will be embarking on a reunion tour in early 2005 probably won’t be happening. Writing to the ‘Diary’ section of the band’s official web site, the Crue bassist said, “It’s nice to hear that fans, bands, promoters and agents would like to see a Motley Crue tour. But right now I know Vince [Neil] is booking tons of live shows, Tommy [Lee] is busy promoting a book and doing his reality show and Mick [Mars] is in rehabilitation after surgery (Who knows when and if he would feel up to it even if there was a tour) It takes four guys to do it. It hasn’t happened since 1999. All I know is all four of us haven’t been in the same room in six years. In the world of Motley, I’d say, ‘Don’t hold your breath.’ P.S.: Props to whoever made the tour ad I saw on the net. Maybe someday.”

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