Motley Crue Announce Comeback On ‘Larry King Live’

CNN’s Larry King conducted a brief interview with all four members
of prior to the group taking the stage at The Palladium in
Hollywood, California on Monday night (December 6) following the official
press conference to announce their upcoming reunion tour. Read on for a

King: We’ll start with Tommy Lee. All right, Tommy, how did this happen?

Tommy Lee: “Um, I have no idea actually. No, I’m just kidding. No. All
of the promoters were calling us and that saying all of the fans wanted
this so we got together, and we pulled it together in true MÖTLEY
CRÜE fashion. Like the fans want it so let’s do it.”

Nikki Sixx: “Give it up for the fans. We made some new music, new video
and we’re going to go out on tour.”

King: But, Vince, you had a bad breakup, what’s going to change now?

Vince Neil: “Well, we still hate each other but we’re tolerating it.
No, good thing is, that me and Tommy found a common bond in Peter Grigio

King: Do you expect things to be a lot better now, Vince

Neil: “You know what, it was never bad in the first place.

King: No?

Neil: “It was — it was kind of like the who squeezed the toothpaste
from the bottom or from the top. And Tommy was always the one who squeezed
it from the top.”

King: Hey, Nick (sic). Were you bothered by the fact, Nick (sic), that
Tommy got so famous?

Lee: “Was that Mick or Nik?”


Lee: Mick Mars.

Mick Mars: What was the question? I can’t hear.

King: Were you bothered by the fact that Tommy got so famous?

Lee: “This is a really — Larry — Larry, you know what, this is a really
stupid question.”

King: Were you bothered by the fact that Tommy got so famous.

Mars: “I was so depressed, I was befuddled, didn’t know what to do.”

Lee: “Come on Larry, you can do better than that.”

Sixx: By the way, Mick Mars, has video coming — a porno coming at you
next month.

Unidentified Male: “It’s called ‘The Horse’.”

Sixx: “It’s called ‘The Horse’. We call him the horse.”

King: Nikki, you divide your money equally, but Tommy did get very well
known, and he burst through. He’s got a best-selling book. Does that —
did that hinder the group at all, Nikki?

Sixx: “No way, man. It’s awesome, much love for everybody and everybody
in this band is so talented. These guys all do their thing, but when we
are together, it’s totally dysfunctional and rock ‘n’ roll. You know it’s
dysfunctional, don’t you?”

King: Tommy, do you have all new material?

Lee: “We have a couple new songs. And we’re going to go on tour starting
January 17…”

Neil: “February.”

Lee: “I’m sorry, February.”

Sixx: “Tommy is going on tour — MÖTLEY CRÜE is [going on tour]
17th of February.”

Lee: “We’re all going to get it together at some point.”

Sixx: “Told you we are dysfunction dysfunctional.”

King: How long have you guys known each other?

Sixx: “Wow, man.”

Neil: “Me and Tommy actually went to high school together.”

Lee: “Yes.”

Neil: “So, we — it was like 8th and 9th grade, something like that.”

Lee: “We’ve known each other forever. Too long. Let’s not date ourselves.”

Sixx: “Or more they didn’t go to high school together.”

Lee: “Yes, we just hung out and partied.”

Neil: “Hung out together.”

King: You’re coming back together. Are you nervous tonight? You are
about to go on stage, first time together, in like five years. This is
a historic evening. Is there a bit of edge here? Is a little bit of nerves?

Lee: “Oh hell, no.”

Sixx: “No way. This what we do, we go out and shred.”

Lee: “We got go out and kick ass. Oops, can we say that?”

King: Yes, you can say that.

Sixx: “We can say ass?”

Lee: “OK, we’re going to go kick some ass, Larry. For you. This one
is for you.

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